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With the opportunity to choose eco friendly products everyday.

Our ever-present sidekick (our phone) can now be a reminder that total planet protection is possible with each daily decision. We at ZWM is putting positive impact right in your palm! 

Breaking your phone almost feels like it’s part of the experience owning it. But we can’t be too hard on our sometimes clumsy or distracted selves. 

After all, for good or bad, most people take their phones with them everywhere: we rush them out of our pockets in moments of excitement and keep them within reach for easy reference at all times. That’s why a phone case is a staple accessory both for protection and style. A modern accessory and an expensive one at that, there are a few must-have qualities a case must have: 

Function: Provides reliable phone protection 

Practicality: Is convenient to carry around 

Style: Has a design we like

A Eco Friendly phone case, without compromises!

A ZWM case is the thinnest eco-case on the market (1.5mm) and always in a unique personal style. They have a smooth matte exclusive touch which gives great handling and prevents dropping your phone, and when you do, it protects! 

8 reasons why you should choose environmentally friendly phone cases

We’re working to inspire positive change for people and planet

1. It Reduces Co2 Emissions 

We use a vast amount of resources when we manufacture plastics. However, eco-friendly plastics are made using more efficient processes. As a result, we use fewer resources and this includes raw materials, electricity and water. Better still, less processing also helps to reduce the amount of Co2 emissions that enter the atmosphere.It is important that we do all we can to reduce emissions. Therefore, eco-plastics look as though they could play a role in helping to deal with climate change when replacing traditional plastic. 

2. It is Less Harmful 

To Humans and Animals There are many links between traditional plastic and health problems. It is also a problem for animals and marine life. Regular plastics contain a range of harmful chemicals such as BPA and PVC. These can lead to developmental problems in children after the leaching of chemicals from the plastic into our food or drinks. Meanwhile, eco-friendly plastics use natural ingredients and fewer to no chemicals at all. What this means is that it is less harmful to our environment, animals and humans. 

3. Less is More

Recycling is Simple Eco-friendly plastics can be thinner than those made from regular plastic. Therefore, we need less of it. This means that the materials we use to make it can go further. What’s more, they are also extremely strong despite being thinner.As they are better for the environment due to the natural ingredients, we can recycle them more easily. This means that we can turn them into a range of other items after their initial application. 

4. Reduced Risk to Animals 

We all understand the problems that our animals and marine life face when it comes to plastic waste. Eco-friendly plastic does not pose as much of a risk to animals. However, it does become a risk when we incorrectly dispose of it and here lies another issue. Unfortunately, there is still going to be waste that finds its way into the environment. Despite this, as it breaks down a lot quicker, there is every chance it will disappear before the risks become apparent. 

5. We Can Reduce Waste

Traditional plastic takes a long time to break down. Hundreds of years to be precise. Even when it does breakdown, it causes all kinds of problems. In contrast to this, eco-friendly plastic breaks down quickly and it can be composted. This helps to reduce the amount of waste that we have to manage at landfill and at home. The US is a prime example of diminishing landfill space. As a result, eco-friendly plastic that we can compost and dispose of in a different way can help to save space. 

6. It Can Save Money

As we mass-produce traditional plastic, it is already relatively cheap. While eco-friendly plastic might not be produced quite yet on the same scale, it can help manufacturers to save money. They will need less packaging and this means that fewer materials are needed.What’s more, the manufacturing process is more efficient and that creates savings too. As production costs continue to decline, savings will be passed onto producers and eventually the consumer. It can also save money when it comes to managing waste. Currently, recycling and managing waste cost billions. The lesser costs of processing eco-friendly plastic is another benefit. 

7. We Use Less Oil

We already use a vast amount of plastic. With this comes a need for oil and that poses serious problems. Drilling for oil causes environmental issues, it damages habitats and puts wildlife at risk. There is also the risk of oil spills and pollution while there is a carbon footprint to consider. Biodegradable plastics or eco-plastic reduce the amount of oil we need. Therefore, we can help to ease the pressure we are putting on our planet, we can also prevent disasters and save animals at the same time. 

8. Eco-plastics can Lead to Enhanced Business Practices 

Consumer power is a phenomenal thing and when consumers speak, brands listen. If consumers begin purchasing eco-friendly plastic items then brands will need to take notice. Consumers are now more environmentally savvy than ever before. They are more considerate with their purchases and they want to make better choices. Therefore, if consumers share their feelings about plastics and make alternative choices, businesses are going to have to react. As a result, they are more likely to make a change to their products and packaging.

A eco friendly phone case without compromises.

Our eco friendly phone cases are made of renewable organic materials that breaks down naturally in nature, without leaving any toxic residues, this prevents unnecessary littering of our nature. We are also climate neutral, we plant one new tree for every eco friendly phone case sold. You can read more about our climate compensation here

We test and certify all products with external, international test labs to ensure function and durability. Our eco friendly phone cases are certified compostable according to standard DIN 13432 for compostability through DIN-Certco. Our packaging is also made of FSC-certified recycled paper as well as our shipping boxes. All prints are soy based and completely non-toxic. 

By the time your ZWM eco friendly phone case arrives to you, you know that its journey was defined by the smallest environmental footprint and made by people who were treated fairly and with dignity.