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For us at ZWM, sustainability is not just a goal, it is also a means.

We want to contribute to the “Agenda 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals,” to human welfare and to personal aesthetics. Sounds ambitious? It is! 


We manufacture our accessories from earth friendly compostable materials. Our packaging, even the string we use, is also made of 100 percent recycled and renewable materials. And we ensure that our next collection is always better than the previous one. 

Why biodegradable? Well, that’s simple. It is our contribution to solving the environmental pollution caused by recycling conventional plastics. Basically, TONS of wasted plastics are eventually destined to be burnt or buried in land during the recycling process. In fact, most of the plastic that exists today has been made in the last decade.

We want to drive development forward and are committed to never making a profit at the expense of climate change or people’s health. It is our way of contributing to the change we want to see in the world. 


You don't have to be a hardcore environmentalist to make a difference. It's the little things, like riding your bike to work, bringing your own grocery bag when shopping and buying a product that is climate neutral – it all adds up. Especially when millions of other people start doing it also.


Make the best accessories and cause no unnecessary harm. Use business to drive change towards a greener tomorrow.


ZWM is rooted in the belief that we as a company have a responsibility. We exist to drive change in our industry, and through responsible entrepreneurship, we offer a sustainable and climate-neutral alternative to todays fast plastics.


We’re committed to minimizing our environmental impact by making products from environmentally friendly materials. Often biodegradable and always recyclable whilst producing them in a climate neutral way. 


A ZWM product should have no negative impact on our environment or contribute to littering in nature.


We always act responsibly, and make sure people are treated fairly and with dignity.


We're affordable but we don't sacrifice on quality. Our products are made to cope with our daily lives.


Design is important to us. Our products are carefully designed for an active lifestyle, offering functionality such as protection and extra storage. 

ZWM was founded in Stockholm by TWO entrepreneurs with many years of experience in the industry.

ZWM stands for Zero Waste Movement. Since the start in 2018, ZWM has dedicated its work to offering a greener alternative to today's fast plastic products. ZWM wants to make it easy to make a sustainable choice in everyday life, by offering high-quality lifestyle accessories made from environmentally friendly materials and in a climate-neutral way.

CEO, Pärlan Fritz

For the past 22 years, Pärlan has run its own companies as an entrepreneur, and since 2010 the focus has been on the development, commercialization and sale of brands in mobile accessories in a global market.

Creative, David Malmqvist

David has extensive experience in brand management, product development and design. He has for many years worked as a permanent and freelance designer for several companies and brands and has helped with the development of products and services. David currently leads the product and brand development of ZWM.